Welcome to the home page Stroud and District Canine Society.

The society was founded in 1944 and hosts an open show every year.


Cancellation of show

Due to the Covid crisis the 2020 show had been cancelled. Unforutnately, the uncertainty around the epidemic has caused the committee to cancel the 2021 show as well. We are sorry for this disappointment, but hope that the show will be on in 2022.

Stroud and District Canine Society show November 2018

Group Winners being judged

Best In Show

Irish Terrier – BenCh Oska Vom Obersten Holz At Kerryheel (Imp Dell)
Mr K Anderson

Best Puppy

Welsh Corgi Pem – Zydahayes Sir Bruce
Mrs Creech

pictured with David Bell, judge, and Celia Vines, show secretary

Reserve Best In Show

Alaskan Malamute – Sh Ch Snowshoes King’s Legacy
Mrs And Miss J Smith

Reserve Best Puppy

Norwich Terrier – Ragus Seven Jumps
Mrs Hayes

Best Veteran

Soft Coated Wheaten – Calvenace Killer Queen At Zakby
Mrs R And Miss O Busby

The numbers at the 2018 show

The Best In Show judge is David Bell.


Border Terrier 8, Cairns 11, Bedlington 7, Parson Russel Terrier 1, AVNSC Terrier 13, AV, Terrier Veteran 2


Afghan 1, Beagle 2, Whippet 5, AVNSC Hound 6, AV Hound Veteran 0


Dalmatian 8, Jap Spitz 18, T Terr 12, Tib Spaniel 6, Lhasa Apso 2,Shih Tzu 4, Min Schn 5, AVNSC Utility 13, AV Utility Veteran 4


CKCS 11, Pom 2, Pap 12, Pug 10,Jap Chin 13, Chine Crest 2, AVNSC Toy 14, AV Toy Veteran 7


BSD Terv 5,BSD Groen 6, S/S 21, Samoy 7, ASD 7, Fin Lap 2, Collie Rough 7, Corgi Pem 15, Corgi Cardi 3,PLS 4, B/C 8, GSD 10, AVNSC Pastoral 2, AV Pastoral Veteran 8


Boxer 2, Newfi 1, Alask Mal 8,Bullmastiff 3, Sib Hus 9,Dob�s 15, Rottw 8,St Bernard 3, AVNSC Working 3, AV Working Veteran 5


G/R 12, Labs 15, Irish Set 18,Pointer 12, AMCocker 3,C/Span 7, GSP 6, English Set 5, HV1, Ret Flatcoat 9, AVNSC Gundog 26, AV Gundog, Gundog Veteran 7.

About the Society

The Chairman is Mr Rob Brown;
the Vice Chairman is Mr Stilman Davis;
the Treasurer is Miss Linda Lane;
and the Secretary is Mrs Celia Vines (contact the secretary).

The committe comprises: V Dyer, V Richards

If you are interested, please join the society. Membership fee is only £2.00 single or £3.00 joint membership per year.

Dates for your diary

In 2019 our show will be on Sunday, 24 November 2019.

We will again have an online entry for this show at Fosse Data.